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Make sure to review the links below to get up and running covering court calls right away!

Getting Started

The coverage attorney side of the application has now been made available for use for you and can be accessed through your profile area of the application by pressing the bottom red button labeled "Switch to Cover".

Enable Device Notifications

Make sure you have all notifications toggled on within your settings to ensure you are set up to receive incoming requests. If you have an iPhone there are 2 places you can do this:

From within the App: Access your profile by tapping the Profile in the upper left > Notifications

  • Toggle on the notification options you would like to receive
  • Push notifications will provide the most desirable experiencePush notifications currently only available for iOS we are working on adding this for Android users as quickly as possible

From your phone's home screen: Settings > Notifications > Run the Call

  • "Allow Notifications" set to ON

Review first, then Accept - not the other way around

  • Review every request you cover, before accepting it in order to first perform a conflict check. 
  • You should be reasonably comfortable with what it is you are expected to cover. Trying to cover something you aren't familiar with or have no knowledge of not only carries the risk of making yourself look bad and possibly facing further action, but it also hurts the attorney who requested coverage from you by upsetting their client. Ultimately - that all impacts Run the Call negatively - meaning we won't have as much business or court calls to send out to coverage attorneys to generate income. If you on the fence about whether or not you should accept to cover something - chances are you probably shouldn't.

Cancellations when providing coverage - not permitted from within the App, email [email protected]

Once you have received and successfully accepted an incoming coverage request - you will be expected to make sure that the court call gets covered. Once you have agreed to cover an incoming coverage request, you will not be able to cancel from within the app and will have to contact us by sending an email to [email protected] to inform us of the reason you need to cancel. Cancellations will only be accepted in the most extreme of circumstances, on a case-by-case basis only. Making sure you review incoming requests before blindly accepting them. 

Support Resource -

  • The quickest way to find answers to any questions will be to visit and search our FAQ at Our team works really hard at keeping this up to date and maintaining it so the entire Run the Call community can get the help and support they need - make sure you use it! :)
  • If for any reason you can't find an answer to what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Good Luck, and Happy Covering!

Gia, CEO & Co-Founder - Run the Call

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