Our scope of services includes covering routine matters such as status hearings, case management conferences, and uncontested motions.

We explicitly WILL NOT cover:

  • Argued or contested motions
  • Arbitrations
  • Direct or cross-examinations
  • Depositions
  • Trials
  • Summary Judgments
  • 2-619 Motions

Coverage Requests submitted for matters listed above will be denied. If a coverage request is made for a matter listed above and is accepted by a coverage attorney - it will be cancelled immediately and any fees paid will be fully refunded.

If a location is not a selectable option or is currently not included in our database, it falls outside of our core service area and may not be eligible for coverage. 

There are certain instances where will consider unique requests - if you require coverage in an area not selectable within the application, please email [email protected] with a description of the type of coverage you are requesting, the location at which you need coverage, the date, and the time. Incoming requests received outside the platform will be responded to within 24 hours.

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