Once successfully submitted, typical turnaround time to process applications is between 24-48 hours. You will receive an email / sms message notifying you of the decision made on your application.

If you do not hear back from us within that timeframe, please send an email to [email protected] and put "<Your Name> - Coverage Attorney Application" in the subject line - someone will respond to you promptly.

Please note: if you do not receive an approval - read the reasons why your application was not approved as there are a few administrative reasons we frequently encounter that are easily corrected, but require more information to successfully finish processing. 

For example: The name information you entered into the app when creating your profile is different than what the ARDC shows as your registered name. This would cause an application delay or deny decision because we likely would not be able to locate your information on the ARDC attorney search without the correct name and would need to obtain that from you.

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