When an attorney accepts a coverage request in the field - they are taking time away from their own practice in order to earn additional income. However, if the attorney who requesting coverage waits until an hour or two before the hearing and decides to cancel - this creates an unfavorable situation for both Run the Call and our Coverage Attorneys which we explain below:

1.) Run the Call now has to fill the previously covered hearing, with a much shorter  timeline. The shorter the amount of time remaining until the hearing,  the more expensive it becomes to get covered.

2.) Unless the Coverage Attorney who is covering the hearing is already on site - they would have to travel to the courthouse in order to cover the hearing. Commuting to the courthouse incurs costs. Further, If the cancellation is made only 1-2 hours before the date and time of the hearing, it is highly probable that our coverage attorney will arrive on site before the cancellation is even made.

The cancellation fee acts somewhat like an equalizer  -  it protects platform users & provides for possible subsidies in unexpected situations like the ones described above.

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