Everyone in the Run the Call community is treated equally with respect - regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, skin color, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.

A Higher Standard is Our Duty

Transparency and integrity represent the building blocks which form the foundation of our platform, as attorneys it is our civic duty to hold ourselves to a higher standard. The success of Run the Call and its platform requires that every member of our community understands this mission and agrees to help us accomplish it.

Submitting Coverage Requests

All coverage requests should be reviewed for accuracy and completeness before submission.  An important fact to keep in mind is that our attorneys are only as good as the information provided to them. They operate according the limited scope/type of coverage we provide, and are not permitted to go outside of it. The more complete and clear you are, the more likely they will achieve your desired results instead of having to chase down information that should have already been provided.

Covering Court Calls

Before accepting a coverage request, a Coverage Attorney must indicate they have had the opportunity to review all of the information that was submitted to the platform, and that there are no evident conflicts of interest with the attorney who is requesting coverage.

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