Run the Call allows attorneys to connect with licensed, legal professionals to cover their court appearances.

Whether it's for Big Law, start-ups, or a solo practitioner, we provide a platform designed to compliment & scale with the growth and success of any practice.

With the rise of the internet fueling transformational change and innovation across several sectors of the U.S. Economy - legal technology has grown along with it. However - the practice of Law itself, and its infrastructure - remain badly outdated. In addition, clients continue to want more for less while competition only grows more fierce. 

Our Mission is to re-imagine the practice of Law - to raise the bar for the entire profession by creating shared value for all stakeholders through communication & innovation.

Schedule court coverage with us for your upcoming court appearances while you remain focused on building deeper relationships with clients. Cover court calls and make extra money at the nearest courthouses whenever you want. It's all up to you.

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