Ready to Complete

Approximately 30 minutes after the start of your hearing, you will notice some red text that says "Ready to Complete" in the coverage request that you just finished. Tap that list item, we will finish this up so we can get you paid!

Next Scheduled Date

At the end of your hearing - it is very important to enter the next scheduled date so your client who requested coverage is aware when the case is up next. When you enter this field, a reminder notification is actually scheduled to be sent to the client reminding them when they need to be in court, so make sure to enter the date.

Files - Court Order

Snap a picture of any files and upload them so they are accessible. Usually this is when you will upload a copy of the court order.

**Heads up - Some users currently experience a bug when trying to upload an image from their existing "Albums" - we are working on fixing that as fast as we can - but if you select "Camera", take a picture of the file, and upload it from there everything will work perfectly.

Hearing Summary - Notes

Last - provide a brief few sentences just generally describing how your hearing went and any information that would be useful for the attorney for their next court date. Once you are finished with that - tap submit - and You've successfully covered this request! $$$

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