Attorneys seeking court coverage is commonplace across many jurisdictions. To comport with the standards of professional responsibility you should include a provision in your engagement agreement should disclose that outside counsel may be used to cover routine hearings; that the client consents to such coverage; and advising the client that any information disclosed to a covering attorney remains attorney client privilege is considered confidential and will not be disclosed by the covering attorney. 

Here is an example of one such provision:

ALLIANCES/OTHER COUNSEL: The time devoted to Client’s matters may include consultations and work with others to increase efficiencies, meet Client’s time requirements, or benefit from a different technical background or level of experience than that of those indicated, including other practitioners, others in the Firm’s office, correspondence, meetings, telephone calls, negotiations, factual investigations and analysis, legal research and analysis, document preparation and revision, travel away from the office on Client’s behalf, and all other work related to Client’s matters.

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